Ethiopian Facts

Ethiopia is located in Northeastern Africa at longitude 9.00N and latitude 39.00E with a population of 55 million and an area of 1,122,900 kilometers square and mean height of some 8,000 feet.

…The Greeks had a tradition that the Egyptians were indebted to the Ethiopians for the first impulse of their civilization. — 1892 Encylopedia Britannica

“The distant Ethiopians the farthest outposts of mankind, half of whom live where the sun does down and half where the sun rises.” — Homer Odyssey

“And the name of the second river is Gi’hon (Blue Nile) the one that compasseth the whole land of
E-thi-o-pi-a.” — Genesis 2.13

…Lucy found at Hadar in the AFAR region of Ethiopia. Dated to about 3.4 million years BP, this skeleton of a small but sturdy adult female is clearly adapted to upright walking.
— The Time Atlas of Archaeology

“The Abyssinians possess the Ark of the Covenant, in which are the two tables of stone, inscribed by the finger of God with the Commandments which he ordained for the children of Israel.”
— Abu Salih
Ethiopia’s Contribution to the world–Coffee! Coffee was found growing wild in Ethiopia approximately 1,300 years ago, giving the country the distinction of being known as the birthplace of coffee. Named after the southern province of Ethiopia — Kaffa.
— National Geographic

…Ethiopians inhabit the country immediately above Elephantine, and one half of the island; the other half is inhabited by Egyptians; …finally, you arrive at a large city called Meroe; this city is said to be capital of Ethiopia. — Herodotus

Can they Ethiopians change his skin.
— Jeremia 13:23

What reason was there to assume Israel held any special position? “Are ye not as the Ethiopians
unto me?” — xxxx 9:7

The secret of the Nile’s source had roused the passionate curiosity of men, from Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar to Napoleon Bonapart.
— Ethiopian Scholar

The council of elders resolving 2 dispute under a tree in the field, reminds on the Scene in Deuteronomy.
— Deuteronomy

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