About Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant

We hope you will find this a truly different and exciting dining experience. For thousands of years, Ethiopians make traditional Ethiopian bread called Injera. When eating an Ethiopian meal, Injera serves both as your platter and utensil. Break a small piece of Injera and place it on the Wat of your choice (Wat literally means stew), while simultaneously pinching your fingers to pick up the
amount you desire.

The cuisine of Ethiopia is based on an exotic blend of spices. Some of these healthy dishes date back to the time of the Queen of Sheba. These dishes are distinctive for their use of Berbere, a favorite Ethiopian seasoning based on hot and red peppers. Berbere is combined with Niter Kibeh, a herb butter, onions, and numerous other spices to give these dishes an unforgettable flavor. Alichas are the more delicately seasoned dishes, without Berbere, but flavored mainly with Niter Kibeh and other more subtle spices.

For some 200 days a year, millions of Ethiopians are strictly vegetarians. To meet this need, their ancient culture produced and refined a score of vegetarian dishes with great delicacy of flavorings.

Ethiopians have communal dining traditions. People eat from the common platter, which symbolized the bonds of friendship and personal loyalty.

One more thing. Traditional Ehiopian food is a slow food experience meant to bring people together. The food and flavours are complex and take time to prepare to provide the highest quality taste. Please be patient.

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